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Capture your audience's attention, inspire your teams, develop trust and loyalty toward a common goal and build better long lasting relationships with Tariq Suliman.
A globally-minded professional with impeccable bilingual performance, a powerful voice and a charismatic personality, and these are only a few of the traits that have made Tariq the sought out choice for knowledge transfer training engagements, media presentations and edutainment events in the region.
Renowned brands have earnestly made Tariq their preferred choice for various commitments from corporate training and coaching to brand representation and event hosting.
Tariq Suliman
Tariq Suliman

Why Choose Tariq for your next training or event..

Tariq's versatility enables him to deliver on almost any genre. Combined with an attitude for success and an expanding base for knowledge, experience and cultural values on an international scale, Tariq indeed brings leverage to any potential client, thus being regularly handpicked to train teams, develop businesses and represent brands in high profile events.


Expect an empathetic communicator that understands the complexities of cultural sensitivity and is constantly exposed to change, stress and interpersonal conflict resolution management in multicultural settings and across demographic groups.


Expect an organized, diligent, fact-based and a creative solutions researcher that will study your inquiry, industry, operation workflow, best practices and behavior, to deliver the maximum value for you with utmost sincerity and authenticity.


Expect a catalyst, a big ball of captivating energy in crisp, clear delivery and an unforgetable engaging experience that will resonate with the audience in a streamlined performance and measurable impact.. everytime.


Whether you're a company looking to develop or guide your human resource to demonstrate at their best, or you're looking to level up your event and get your message through, I am here to provide a variety of options, guidance and friendly support to help you reach your goals.

Corporate Training

Engage the disengaged and transform staff and management to productive, satisfied and loyal members toward a common goal.


Interact with new concepts, practice methods and learn by doing. Feel the difference as you uplift your attitude and acquire essential skills for success.

Speaker/ Mass Media

Put the wind back in your people's sails with content-rich, powerful and motivational speeches & interactive content that will inspire the best in them.


Celebrate important dates with style and class. Whether public or private, corporate or otherwise, seek to create a lasting impact and exceeding your guests' expectations with the best plan and performance.

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